The council will only support organisations and projects that provide evidence that they primarily serve the interests of, or are for the benefit of, people living in Hebden Royd.

The maximum amount of grant aid to be available to organisations will be determined by the Council within the limits of the Council's Community Funding Budget. Applications for financial support from the Council may be submitted at any time.

Applicants may be contacted by Council Officers to clarify details if required.
The council cannot be the sole source of income (a significant proportion needs to be raised elsewhere or be provided in-kind).


The Council may or may not be a participant in an application for an organisation that applies for funding.  The following criteria has to be met for grant aid funding:

  1. The purpose(s) for which the funding is required should be clearly identified.
  2. Applications for funding should demonstrate contributions applied for or received from other sources.
  3. Retrospective applications will not be considered.
  4. Applicants should submit their latest audited accounts providing the organisation has been in existence for at least 18 months. If the organisation has been in existence for less than 18 months evidence that a separate bank account has been opened.
  5. Organisations should show number of members.
  6. Applications for grants may be made for capital or revenue funding (i.e. for the further development of ongoing projects or for unexpected running costs) and should state the timescale for the use of this funding.
  7. Applicants must demonstrate equality of access and opportunity.
  8. Equipment bought with the grant must remain the property of the organisation.


  1. The council cannot support those who aim is to solely raise money for charity or to distribute money to others, whether they be individuals or organisations. Any charity that may benefit as a result of a grant application should be listed in the application.
  2. The council cannot support or promote religious/political beliefs/interests of an individual or organisation. Applicants must demonstrate that the project will be of benefit to the wider community (see note below).
  3. Awards are open to voluntary community sector groups ONLY — not for schools or businesses. If your project is in partnership with a school, it may still be eligible. You need to be able to demonstrate how it meets our priorities and explain why the project should be supported by this scheme and why it is not supported through mainstream school budgets.
  4. Maintenance costs for building and equipment. However, applications for improvements or changes may be considered.
  5. Food or hospitality.
  6. The council may support projects that employ people but will not fund salaries payable to project organisers but the council may wish to fund the salaries of those who take part in the project. i.e. the fire breather entertaining at an event but not the  producer/director of the event. However where core funding is applied for, and is essential to the ongoing viability of a project and addresses the needs of people who are socially or economically marginalised, the committee may choose to recommend funding having considered representations.

If you are not sure whether or not you meet any of the eligibility criteria, please contact us before you complete the form.

In the event of over subscription to the funds available the Town Council will seek to support those organisations, which will complement the programme of work currently being undertaken by the Council, and which is consistent with the values that underpin that work.


The non awarding of grants for the promotion of a particular religion or in pursuance of a party political viewpoint does not extend to applications for activities for the benefit of the wider community even though it is on the premises of or organised by a particular religious/faith group or a political party.


The Community Funding Committee meets once every three months. Money is divided equally between the four meetings, there will still be money left to apply for in the last round of the year.

Applications can only be considered at these meetings. If funding for a particular date is required application should be made in advance and contain all of the information necessary.

Notification of the decision will be received up to six weeks after the deadline for that particular round.

Round Deadline   Meeting by Notification by
1 1 June 21 June 14th July
2 1 August 21 August 14th October
3 1 October 21 October 14th November
4 1 December 21 December 14th January
5 1 February 21 February 14th March

Except in exceptional circumstances, successful applicants are prohibited from re applying within 12 months of an award and will only be able to apply once all reporting requirements for previous funding have been met.


These can be made by up to two people representing the organisation and last for 5 minutes maximum. This will be followed by questions from Councillors.


Priority will be given to applications which meet the current Community Funding grant Criteria as determined by the Community Funding Committee and available as part of the application pack in meeting one or more of these priorities.
All applications will be scored against these priorities.


If audited accounts or a Bank A/C does not exist the applicant may ask for the grant payment to be made an identified supplier or nominated organisation.


A checklist of the information required will be enclosed with the application form and applications will not be considered until all the relevant documents have been received. Contact the Town Clerk for an informal conversation and to obtain further information and assistance.


Each organisation awarded a grant will be required to enter into a funding agreement with Hebden Royd Town Council.  The funding agreement will clarify the purposes for which the grant has been given, the expected outcomes and how the recipient will monitor these and report to the Council.  The funding agreement will also require the recipient to give appropriate acknowledgement to the Council for funds received.

All successful applicants will be required to;

  1. Acknowledge receipt of any award by return
  2. Credit the Council as a supporter of the organisation in any promotional material including use of the Council's logo.
  3. Report to the Council on how the project is progressing:
    • All Groups awarded up to £5000 will be required to report back to council and provide an End of Grant Report and Evaluation Form along with receipts no later than 3 months after the end date stated in their application.

    • Groups awarded £5000 or more will be required to have a council member present at their own management meetings and this representative will report back to council. Groups will be required to report back to council and provide an End of Grant Report and Evaluation Form along with receipts no later than 3 months after the end date stated in their application. Groups may be requested to give a final presentation to council reporting on outcomes of the funding.

Failure to comply with the terms of the agreement may result in a requirement to refund all, or part of, the award made by the Council.

Previous approval of a grant application does not necessarily imply continued funding in consequent years.

An applicant, if previously awarded a grant, will not be able to have a new application considered until monitoring of the initial grant has been completed to the satisfaction of the Town Clerk.

Grant Application Form PDF Format
Click here to download an application form. (Updated September 2015)

Grant Criteria PDF Format
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Grant Checklist PDF Format
Click here to download. (Updated March 2016)

Bank details PDF Format
Click here to download. (Updated March 2016)

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