Hebden Royd Town Council (HRTC) serves Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd and Cragg Vale and is the tier of local government closest to the people. Councillors therefore have close ties to their local community. The council’s income comes principally from a precept paid by local residents as part of their council tax. A large proportion of this income is then used to give grants to support local organisations and projects that will enhance the economic, social and environmental well-being of people who live and work in the Hebden Royd area. Grants may be given to new or on-going projects and may be for either capital or revenue funding.

HRTC is a Living Wage Employer (see: and as such would expect that organisations applying for grant support satisfy the principles of this along with nationally agreed rates of pay and conditions.

All Applications for grants must initially contact the Town Clerk who can offer support and guidance on completing the necessary application forms. Please contact the Town Clerk at Hebden Bridge Town Hall by email or 01422 842181.


The size of the community funding budget varies from year to year. The total amount available in any given year is determined by the Full Council as part of the annual budget setting process. This budget is then equally divided across the year so that the Community Funding Committee has an equal amount available to allocate to applications at each of its quarterly meetings. It is council policy to ensure that each year a minimum of 15% of money awarded should be allocated to sporting or leisure organisations (see section 3 below).

Grants are sub-divided into two categories:

A: Small grants

Small grants are for amounts up to £500. Applications for small grants go directly to meetings of the full council, which are held approximately every three weeks.

B: Large grants

Large grants are for amounts above £500.The majority of grant applications are for amounts between £500 and £5,000. Please note that where an organisation applies for, and receives, in excess of £5,000 the council will place a representative on that organisation’s management committee. Applications for large grants are considered by the Community Funding Committee, which meets every three months. Their recommendations are then sent to the next meeting of the full council for final approval.

Organisations may have a maximum of one grant of each type at the same time.

Please note that HRTC cannot be the sole source of income for a project. The council expects to see evidence of contributions being raised elsewhere to help fund the project. (Such contributions may include in-kind contributions such as time being given free of charge to the project.)


In an effort to offer more opportunities for the local population to improve their health, HRTC has made the decision to allocate a minimum of 15% of the Community Funding budget to organisations or groups of individuals that seek to promote healthy lifestyles and physical wellbeing in our community. These funds are available to any sport or leisure groups that offer its users the chance to exercise, and so improve their health. These projects are still subject to the criteria as laid out in this document, and will still be considered if the 15% allocation has been spent.


We will not fund the following:

4.1 An application where the sole aim is to raise money for charity or to distribute money to others, whether they be individuals or organisations. Any charity that may benefit as a result of a grant application should be listed in the application.

4.2 An application that aims to support or promote the religious/political beliefs/interests of an individual or organisation. Applications must demonstrate that the project will be of benefit to the wider community. However, this does not necessarily exclude activities on the premises of or organised by a particular religious /faith group or political party.

4.3 An application from a school or business. A project that is in a partnership with a school may still be eligible if it can demonstrate how it meets our priorities and why it cannot be supported through the school budget.

4.4 An application for maintenance costs for buildings or equipment. We will consider applications to improve or modify buildings.

4.5 An application in relation to the provision of food or hospitality.

4.6 An application to fund the salary of a project organiser. HRTC may fund the cost of an entertainer at an event but not the salary of the producer/director of the event.

4.7 A retrospective application.

4.8    Where funding is essential to the on-going viability of a project that addresses the needs of people who are socially or economically marginalised, HRTC may choose to recommend funding in exceptional circumstances.


5.1 Contact the Town Clerk for informal conversation and to obtain information pack including application form.

5.2 Complete and submit application form. Organisations will also need to submit their latest accounts as presented and endorsed by their most recent AGM (providing the organisation has been in existence for at least 18 months). Smaller organisations and those in existence for less than 18 months must provide evidence that a separate bank account has been opened. If audited accounts or a separate bank account do not exist the applicant may ask for the grant payment to be made to an identified supplier or nominated organisation. Projects which involve working with children and/or vulnerable adults should provide evidence that they have child protection/vulnerable adult policies. Applicants who cannot submit any of the required information should contact the Town Clerk for guidance.

5.3 Completed applications for small grants will be submitted to the next meeting of the full council and applicants will be contacted within one week following that meeting to be notified of the outcome of their application.

5.4 Completed applications for large grants will be submitted to the next available meeting of the Community Funding Committee. Applicants are required to attend this meeting. Two people may represent the organisation and will be asked to attend at a specified time for ten minutes to give a five minute presentation on their project and then answer any questions which councillors may have regarding the project. The committee recommendations are sent to the next available meeting of the full council for final approval. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application following this full council meeting.

5.5 Applications can only be considered at these meetings. If funding is required for a particular date application should be made well in advance. Please check with the Town Clerk if you have any concerns regarding the timing of your application.

5.6 Notification of the decision will be received up to six weeks after the deadline for that particular round.

Round Deadline   Meeting by Notification by
1 1 June 21 June 14th July
2 1 August 21 August 14th October
3 1 October 21 October 14th November
4 1 December 21 December 14th January
5 1 February 21 February 14th March
6 1 April 21 April 14th May

5.7 Successful applicants are prohibited from reapplying within the same financial year, any new application will only be accepted once all reporting requirements for previous funding have been met.


Each organisation awarded a grant will be required to enter into a funding agreement with Hebden Royd Town Council.

All successful applicants will be required to:

  • Acknowledge receipt of any award by return
  • Credit the council as a supporter of the organisation in any promotional material including use of the council’s logo
  • Report to the council on how the project is progressing
  • Groups awarded up to £5000 will be required to report back to council and provide an end of grant report along with receipts no later than three months after the end-date stated in their application.
  • Groups awarded £5000 or more will be required to have a council member present at their management meetings and this representative will report back to council. Any such group will also be required to report back to council and provide an end of grant report along with receipts no later than 3 months after the end date stated in their application. They may be requested to give a final presentation to council reporting on outcomes of the funding.
  • Ensure that equipment bought with the grant remains the property of the organisation to which the grant was given.

Failure to comply with the terms of the agreement may result in a requirement to refund all, or part of, the award made by the Council as outlined in the Funding Agreement.

Previous awards do not imply continued funding in subsequent years awards are made on a ‘one off’ basis and do not carry any commitment to future funding.

Make sure you keep a copy of your application as you may need to refer to it again if we award you a grant.

Grant Application Form PDF Format
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Grant Criteria PDF Format
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Grant Checklist PDF Format
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Bank details PDF Format
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