From Local Nurseries to Local Businesses: Hebden Royd Shines again with Peat-Free Hanging Baskets

Hebden Royd is looking vibrant again thanks to the return of 140 beautiful hanging baskets once again adorning the frontages of local venues and businesses. Around a quarter of the retailer basket cost is subsidised by the Town Council, ensuring that the scheme remains affordable.


In addition to the retailer baskets, a further 60 lamp post baskets between Hebden Bridge & Mytholmroyd, and 40 baskets down Bridge Gate/ St Georges Square have been purchased and installed by the Town Council to add to the annual display.
Installed at the beginning of June and planted with a diversity of pollinator species, the baskets are designed to attract and feed bees, moths and other flying insects. Having worked with local supplier Gardenius Nurseries of Ogden Halifax for nine years to bring the blooms to Hebden Royd, the scheme is designed to brighten the area and make it attractive for visitors and the local community alike.

The baskets continue to be entirely peat-free, reflecting Hebden Royd Town Council's commitment to safeguarding the environment, and enabling others to do the same. The innovative reservoir design within each basket ensures that they are watered efficiently and reduce run-off waste - further contributing to HRTC's eco-focussed efforts.

 A wide variety of local businesses and organisations have shown their support for the eco-friendly initiative by participating in the town's hanging basket program at a subsidised rate of around 25%, reducing the cost of each basket (and wrap-around care) to just £55. The all-inclusive package includes a hanging bracket and safety audit, basket installation, ongoing watering and feeding to ensure the blooms stay radiant throughout the summer, and public liability insurance. Additionally, the removal of the baskets at the end of their bloom cycle is also included in the package, making it a hassle-free experience for the participating businesses. 

The duration of the displays will be weather dependent, with HRTC planning to take down the baskets by early October. This timeline ensures the town can enjoy the beauty of the flowering baskets throughout the summer and into the early autumn months. Once the hanging baskets have completed their blooming period, the expired plants are sustainably composted. This eco-friendly approach ensures that the town's commitment to environmental protection extends beyond the aesthetics and into responsible waste management. 

Added Monday 10 June 2024

Photos from Hebden Royd