Connecting Communities: Hebden Royd Mayor's Visit Reaffirms Twinning Relationship with Warstein

The Mayor of Hebden Royd, Cllr. Bernice Hayes has just returned from a stay in Warstein to fulfil a special Twinning friendship visit that served to underscore the enduring ties between Hebden Bridge and the picturesque German town.  

Taking place over a few days, the visit played an important role in reinforcing the connection between Hebden Bridge and Warstein, while celebrating the shared values and enabling cultural exchanges between the two towns. The visit involved attending formal services as well as engaging in community and cultural activities across Warstein.  

Trip highlights included a guided tour led by the Warstein Europa Friends (WEF) of the Möhnesee Dam - the reservoir made famous by the Dambuster raids in the 2nd World War. Social events were also held in both Belecke and Warstein, two of the towns that make up the wider area of Stadt Warstein as well as visiting local caves, forests, a local wildlife park and Kortlinghausen Castle. 

Reflecting on the visit, Mayor Cllr. Bernice Hayes stated: 'We had an amazing trip and met some of thekindest people in, it was a wonderful experience. I'm delighted that we were able to foster even stronger bonds of friendship during our memorable visit'. 

Having fundraised and planned their social dairies around the civic visit, members of the Hebden Bridge Twinning Society also voluntarily joined the group to reaffirm established friendships within the Warstein community and to forge new ones. The Society's enduring support and enthusiasm underscores the grassroots nature of twinning, highlighting the positive impact it has on fostering cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. 

Hebden Bridge shares its twinning with two European towns: Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise, France, and Warstein, Germany. The historical significance of this twinning relationship dates back to 1965 when Warstein formed its initial twinning bond with Saint-Pol. When Hebden Bridge established its own twinning relationship with Saint-Pol, it simultaneously embraced the twinning with Warstein. Since then, twinning events and friendship visits have become an integral fixture on the civic calendars of the three respective towns. 

New members for the Hebden Bridge Twinning Society are always welcome. Please see: for more information. 


Added: 5 October 2023

Photos from Hebden Royd