Flood Alleviation Scheme - Vegetation
Management & Wall Surveys

From the Environment Agency who are working with Calderdale Council to design and build a Flood Alleviation Scheme for Hebden Bridge

To assist with the design and future construction of the Hebden Bridge Flood Alleviation Scheme, our contractor BAM Nuttall, will shortly be carrying out some minor vegetation management work to a small number of short river wall sections to enable visual surveys of walls at several locations along Hebden Water and the River Calder.

Cutting back some of the vegetation will enable our design engineers to assess the condition of the existing walls. This will ensure the proposed flood alleviation scheme design can be delivered effectively at these locations. Undertaking this work now will reduce the risk of design change during construction.

The in-channel vegetation and survey works are scheduled to take place during September.

Whilst any disruption from this work will be minimal, there may be some noise from electric hand tools, and you will see some scaffold apparatus to enable access into the channel whilst the work is carried out. The team will do their best to minimise any disturbance. Work will be carried out between 07:30-17:00.

Environmental surveys have been undertaken and all work has been reviewed and approved by our ecologists.

More information about the location of the vegetation management can be found by visiting www.eyeoncalderdale.co.uk under the flood works section.

Do you have questions about the flood alleviation schemes for Hebden Bridge?

The Environment Agency's new Flood Information Centre situated on Valley Road, Hebden Bridge is now open on Mondays and Fridays (not including bank holidays) between 10am-2pm. Visit us to speak with members of the project team and view information about the Flood Alleviation Schemes for Hebden Bridge Town Centre, Stubbing Holme Road and Erringden Hillside.

To receive copies of updates about the progress of our work via email, please send 'subscribe' to HebdenBridgeFAS@environment-agency.gov.uk. Updates can also be found on www.eyeoncalderdale.com under the Flood Works / Hebden Bridge FAS pages. Look out for invitations to public meetings where we will share the proposals with you ahead of planning submissions and provide an opportunity to ask questions and speak to the project team.

Added: Sunday, 17 September 2023

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