New Community Development & Communications Officer

Hebden Royd Town Council is delighted to welcome on board Ebony Andrews, our new Community Development & Communications Officer. 

Ebony is a Hebden Bridge resident with a background in all things community - from promoting and celebrating our shared heritage, to volunteer coordination management and equity diversity and inclusion work. Ebony will be supporting and enabling residents of Hebden Royd to grow and lead their community projects as well as on the development and delivery of both new and existing groups' activities and services to meet the needs or improve services in the Hebden Royd community. As an artistic individual she also brings a suite of creative skills to the organisation to lead on improving the flow of communications between the Town Council, partners, stakeholders and the wider community.   

If you or your group would like to contact Ebony, please email:

Added: Friday, 4 August 2023

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