Launch of public consultation for new neighbourhood plan

Would you like to see more homes built, in the right places? Concerned about climate change, regeneration and economic recovery, local facilities, transport and parking? Then now is the time to tell us what you think of the emerging plan to address these issues.

The Hebden Royd and Hilltop Parishes Neighbourhood Plan covers the period between 2021-36 and a geographical area almost one third of the entire Calderdale district. It's a joint project between Hebden Royd Town Council and Blackshaw, Erringden, Heptonstall and Wadsworth Parish Councils.

On the 17th February the first of two public consultations on the text of the draft Neighbourhood Plan for this area will begin, running through until Wednesday 7th April. Due to Covid 19 the consultation process will be almost entirely online but there will be 3 virtual question-and-answer sessions held on 11th and 23rd March, and 1st April. People can give their views by completing either Quick or Detailed questionnaires. All information about the consultation including a summary 'headlines' leaflet describing the plan's main proposals can be found at

The neighbourhood plan seeks to address issues such as housing, regeneration, transport and connectivity, climate emergency, flooding, bio-diversity and landscape, through a range of polices designed to work on a local level which is complimentary to the Calderdale Local Plan. This first consultation is relatively informal compared to the second one, which will be undertaken later in the year by Calderdale Council. That will be followed by the plan's examination by an independent inspector, and finally a local referendum. It is hoped that the neighbourhood plan may be adopted by the end of 2021.

The consultation gives every citizen of the area, and organisations, businesses and landowners a chance to react and respond to the draft Plan's proposals; to suggest issues or proposals that you think should be added to the Plan; and to say whether it meets your aspirations for the area over the next 15 years.

Cllr Jon Kimber, chair of the joint neighbourhood plan committee, and member of Wadsworth parish council, said: "The purpose of a Neighbourhood Plan is to help local communities to influence the planning in the area in which they live and work and develop a shared vision for the development of the community.

"The production of this plan is the result of cooperation between all the councils with a shared aim to provide a simple and workable planning framework for our local area based on the requirements and desires of the local population, as expressed during public consultations. We look forward to receiving your views."

Added: Thursday, 18 February 2021

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