Refugee Week

Refugee Week is a UK-wide festival celebrating the contribution of asylum seekers and refugees, and promoting understanding of why people seek sanctuary. This year it will be held from 15-21 June with the theme 'Imagine', and everyone is welcome. #RefugeeWeek2020

Here in Calderdale, Refugee Week is open to all and is driven by our Valley Of Sanctuary – a growing network of local groups, businesses and organisations who have come together to make our borough a place of welcome and hospitality for all, especially for refugees seeking sanctuary from war and persecution. It’s part of the UK-wide City of Sanctuary movement, which you can read about here. @CalderdaleVoS #CalderdaleVoS

Get involved! 

On Monday 15th, purchase a delicious Iranian two-course, takeaway meal by Leila’s Kitchen and Together We Grow. More info here. Available to pick up from St Augustine’s at 12 noon. SOLD OUT

On Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th St Augustine’s will share a brand-new video featuring some of the refugees and asylum seekers living in Calderdale, and some beautiful statistics by artist Ruth Dyer. @infostaugs @StAugustinesCentreHalifax

On Thursday 18th onwards, share recipes from around themworld. #BonAppetitCalderdale

On Friday 19th Artworks will share the results of #HereIAm, a project celebrating the people of Calderdale, featuring creative work by many Calderdale residents including asylum seekers and refugees, on social media. 

On Saturday 20th at 2pm, watch Stand and Be Counted, a theatre of sanctuary, perform #HereIAm on Zoom and their Facebook page. 

On Sunday 21st, a special recording of #HereIAm at the Piece Hall will be shared on their social media. 

Why not make a square for this Corona Quilt project?

Or read a book, watch a film, share a song, join the movement… Take part in one or more of these eight simple acts which can be done at home and help you stand with refugees. 

Dip into this incredible array of free online events happening across the UK. 

Join our movement! 

Are you a business, organisation or group interested in helping Calderdale welcome, support and engage people fleeing persecution and war? Join Calderdale’s Valley of Sanctuary, and check our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more info.

Find out how you can volunteer with or donate to St Augustine’s Centre, who support over 600 migrants, refugees and asylum seekers living in Calderdale.

Check out Together We Grow’s website to find out about the wonderful cultural and sports activities they offer to refugees and migrants.                    

To find out more, please visit  Valley of Sanctuary:

Added: Wednesday, 10 June 2020