Tribute to our retiring Mayor

This evening Wednesday 10th June, Hebden Royd Town Council will hold its Annual Meeting of the Town Council remotely, at this meeting a new Mayor will be elected.

Cllr Richard Needham, on behalf of the Town Council would like to pay tribute and thanks to our retiring Mayor.

Carol Stow"All Mayors have an impact on a town. Few though could be deeper or more valued than the legacy of Cllr. Dr Carol Stow's time as Mayor from 2018 to 2020. The number of engagements is astonishing and probably record breaking – 213 over the two years – that is on top of the committees she has chaired and the outside bodies she has supported over the period.

"Far more important than the numbers has been the choices she has made and the impact she has had as a person. When she reported back to Council we often sat in awe at the thought and care she put in to undertaking duties and the innovation she brought to the role. From raising the understanding of young people in the processes of democracy, supporting the climate strikers on their Friday morning strikes, to most recently, being a signatory of the Appeal from Civic Leaders across the world in support of the International Women's Day for Peace and Disarmament - the only Mayor in England to do so.

"Cllr. Dr Stow's choices for her Mayor's charity was could not have been more appropriate. For her first year it was Slow the Flow and for the second it was CROWS. She worked tirelessly in making these a success for both charities raising their profile and ensuring they benefited financially.

"Under her Mayorship Hebden Royd was no parochial Town Council. Tackling local issues was always important, but she as Mayor she realised that universal issues had a local impact too. Her support for the transgender community was highly valued, promoting their rights and of course welcoming them to the town.

"Cllr. Dr Stow is also a very active advocate for the Disability Access Forum. In addition she ensured that the Town Council adopted a policy relating to misogyny, recognising that women and girls wherever they are suffer from subtle and not so subtle discrimination.

"Driven by her vision and commitment Cllr. Dr Carol Stow has set an example of how the communities of Hebden Royd can be more humane, more inclusive. That's a legacy that we know we should honour and build on."

Added: Wednesday, 10 June 2020