Letters of Support from Twinning/Friendship Towns

Hebden Royd Town Council (HRTC) sent letters of support to our Twinning and Friendship towns in St Pol sur Ternoise, Warstein and Paratico, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hebden Royd Twinning Society and HRTC were due to host their visitors in May to celebrate the 40th anniversary of twinning between Hebden Royd & St Pol and the 25th anniversary of twinning between Warstein & Hebden Royd was to be held in August, however both celebrations have been postponed until further notice.
The Town Council received the following reply from the Mayor of Warstein, Thomas Schöne:

In a recent interview with Peter Teichmann in the 27th March edition of the Warsteiner Anzeiger newspaper, Jason Boom HRTC Town Clerk said:

"The partnership between our two towns has been for 25 years. We look forward to seeing our Warsteiner friends again soon. I am in constant contact with Warstein and am warmed by the interest that is shown in us, especially in crises like the floods, when we are show real sympathy".

A message of support was also received from our friends in Paratico, Italy:
"Mr. Ministrini and I thank you so much for support. Hope to meet you, in Paratico, when we'll win against COVID - 9." Leda Liborio, Councillor.

Added: Saturday, 4 April 2020