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We aim to provide services which meet your needs. If you want to comment on any of Hebden Royd's services, compliment our staff or make suggestions for improvement we'd like to hear from you.  Please contact

Complaints about Hebden Royd Council

We try to ensure that all our services remain at a high and improving standard. If you are not happy with any of our services please speak directly to the relevant member of staff, the cinema manager or the Town Clerk.  If you feel this is difficult or inappropriate please speak to the Mayor of the council.  All of the relevant contact details are on this website here.

If you are not satisfied with the response to your verbal complaint or want to raise the matter more formally then please write, in the first instance, to the Town Clerk.  If your complaint is about the Town Clerk then please write to the Mayor.  We will then investigate your complaint, try to resolve it and give you a written answer within ten working days setting out what we have done.  If you are not satisfied with our response then please write to the Mayor within ten working days setting out your concerns.  We will then convene the Complaints Sub-Committee within ten working days in order to review the complaint and decide on any further steps to resolve the situation.

Complaints about Hebden Royd Councillors

Hebden Royd Town Council aims to promote and maintain high standards of conduct for our councillors and our co-opted members.  If you want to complain about the conduct of a councillor or co-opted member of Hebden Royd Council you must submit your complaint in writing to the Monitoring Officer at Calderdale Council stating the nature of your complaint, and where possible, enclosing supporting evidence.  The Monitoring Officer will advise you on the subsequent procedures and can be contacted at: Calderdale Council, Chief Executive's Office, Democratic and Partnership Services, Town Hall, Crossley Street, Halifax, HX1 1UJ, Telephone Number: 01422 393011

Complaints Sub-Committee


The complaints sub-committee is constituted of five members including the Mayor.  The Mayor chairs the meeting.  In the absence of the Mayor the Deputy Mayor will substitute.

Procedure for Complaints Sub-Committee

  1. The Committee shall consider whether the circumstances of the meeting warrant the exclusion of the public and the press. The outcome of a sub-committee decision on a complaint will be reported at the next Council meeting in public.
  2. The Mayor will introduce everyone and explain the procedure.
  3. The complainant or their representative will outline their grounds for complaint.
  4. Members will ask any question of the complainant.
  5. The Town Clerk or other officer, if appropriate, will be asked to explain the Council's approach and handling of the complaint at the previous stages.
  6. Members will ask any question of the Town Clerk or other appropriate officer.
  7. The Town Clerk or other appropriate officer and the complainant will be offered an opportunity of last word (in this order).
  8. The Town Clerk or other appropriate officer and complainant to be asked to leave room while Members decide whether or not the grounds for the complaint have been substantiated. (If a point of clarification is necessary, both parties are to be invited back).
  9. The Town Clerk or other appropriate officer and complainant return to hear decision, or will be advised when a decision will be made.

After the Meeting

The decision will be confirmed in writing within seven working days together with details of any action to be taken. There is no further appeal process available within the council procedures.

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Photos from Hebden Royd