Blackshaw 12-day Christmas Climate Challenge

Have you seen the 12-day Christmas Climate Challenge? It is a fantastic idea by Blackshaw Parish Council, and something Hebden Royd Town Council is keen to support.

From Christmas wrapping and shopping local to tips on saving energy (and money), these eco-friendly Christmas tips will help you enjoy the festivities, and still have a positive climate impact!

Walking Challenge
Choose one journey you would normally make by car and make it on foot instead. If you enjoy the walk, make time to do this more regularly – once a week perhaps? You might also be interested in Slow Ways, which uses a wide variety of existing paths, grounded by the principle that people should be able to walk reasonably directly, safely, easily and enjoyably between neighbouring settlements. See:

Light Bulb Challenge
Do you still have any energy-hungry, old fashioned tungsten light bulbs in your house? Spend five minutes checking out your light fittings including the less obvious places like lamps, cupboards, and sheds. Make a plan to replace these within the next three months. One a week won’t break the bank and you’ll save money in the long-term. For help see:

Plastic-Free Challenge
Can you do a whole week’s shopping without bringing home any plastic packaging? Take your own bags and visit the markets and refill shops in Hebden Bridge and Todmorden. See: and

Christmas Tree Challenge
Artificial trees aren’t necessarily the best greenest option as they are mainly made from plastic. Consider buying a rooted tree and planting it out after Christmas or check out the scheme for renting a tree. Use the long, dark, lockdown evenings to make your own decorations using materials from your recycling bin. Consult the internet if you need inspiration! See:

Recycled Wrapping Challenge
Don’t buy commercial wrapping paper for your gifts this year – make your own! Use plain brown or newspaper and get the kids to decorate it with stamps, printing block, and paints. You could try making your own crackers too!

Shop Local Challenge
Can you get all the ingredients for your festive feast from local producers? Transporting food around the globe puts millions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere every year so choosing food grown locally and seasonally can make huge savings. GRC and other local shops deliver by bike with Cargodale – see:

Green Energy Challenge
How much of your electricity comes from renewable sources? Consider switching to a green tariff – and make sure you choose one which can prove its supplies do come from renewables. Find out more here:

Water Saving Challenge
Lifestyle and behaviour changes over time, as well as climate change have all contributed to increasing strain on our water supply. Improved housing standards and technological developments, while providing enormous benefit, have led to increased bathing and washing options, which means increased water use. Add the pressures of an increasing population into the mix and water used in the home accounts for over half of all public water supply use.

Ideas Challenge
Watch the film ‘Kiss the Ground’ • Find inspiration and ideas for practical actions we can take. Do it and share it with the community. Tell us about it.
Parish Council clerk:

Diet Challenge
Probably one for January but no harm is starting to think about it now! There are lots of ways we can reduce our carbon footprint by changing what we eat. Moving to a diet with less red meat, more plant-based and more locally produced, seasonal produce can be healthier for both you and the planet. See:

Carbon Audit Challenge
How big is your environmental footprint? Take your first step with an environmental footprint calculator:

View the 12-Day Climate Christmas Challenge PDF here:

Added: Thursday, 17 December 2020

Photos from Hebden Royd