Annual Town Meeting

The Annual Assembly of the Town Meeting for the above named Town will be held at  Mytholmroyd Community Centre, Mytholmroyd on WEDNESDAY the 11th day of MAY 2011 at 7.30pm.

Such persons only as are registered as local government electors for the town will be entitled to vote at the meeting, but the meeting will be open to the public during the proceedings unless the Town Meeting by resolution otherwise direct.

The business to be transacted at the meeting will be as follows: -

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Notice of Meeting
  3. Minutes of Annual Town Meeting � 5th MAY 2010
  4. Statement of Accounts of the Hebden Royd Town Council for the year ended 31st March 2011
  5. Any other Town Business, whether raised by an elector or otherwise.

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