Poems Against Poo!

Talented youngsters from across Hebden Royd have been putting pen to paper to try and get the message out to residents to pick up after their dogs.

It became apparent at a recent meeting of the school council that the issue of dog fouling was of major concern to local children, with fouling often spoiling trips to the park or walks along the canal.

Children were invited to write their own Poem Against Poo and the winning entries have been mounted and displayed throughout Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge in the hope that it will encourage people to think twice before letting their dogs foul. The winning entries can be seen below.


Why should we suffer
Your dogs muck

Sticking on our shoes
Making our feet stuck

We’ve done what we can
Now it’s up to you

Be a good owner

By Charlotte Green
Age 11


YUK! Poo on my shoe!
Dirty filthy doggy do

When I sit in school I can tell
My friends all think I really smell

But it isn’t me, your dog did it,
So pick it up and do your bit!!

By Emily Morgan
Age 5


Dogies Dogies it’s not your fault
You should think twice before you do what you want

Dogies Dogies we know you have to poo
But you doggies could do with a doggie loo

Dogies Dogies when you do a poo
Just tell your owners what they have to do!

By Jasmine Whitaker
Age 8


If your doggy has a poo
Make sure it comes home with you

If not put it in a bin
Otherwise the poo will win

The poo could end up on your shoe
Then the world will be like glue

The worms inside will eat your eyes
And eyes are as scrummy as pies

But that is only if you take a lick
And also you will end up being sick

If your dog is a pooper
Please use your scooper

If your doggy has a poo
Make sure it comes home with you

By Katie Latham
Age 10


When your dog has a
Poo poo poo

It could end up on your
Shoe shoe shoe

Dog doo is
Glue glue glue

Bring it home with
You you you

By Annie Challenger
Age 10


Photos from Hebden Royd