Highway Maintenance Work: Market Street, Bridge Lanes and Heptonstall Road

Work will commence on Monday 26 October 2015 for a duration of approximately 3 weeks. Works will be undertaken Monday to Friday inclusive and between the hours of 10pm and 4am. The works wlll be carried out in phases, commencing on West End, Holme Street before progressing along Market Streel/ Bridge Lanes and on to Heptonstall Road. It is therefore likely that sections ot the road through Hebden Bridge won't be altected as work is on-going on another section ot the scheme.

Works will be undertaken under the provision of temporary traffic management with roads subject to evenlng/ ovenight closures. Diversion routes will be well signed as approved within the temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO). Dedicated traffic management operatives will be on site to advise the travelling public on access restrictions once the works are underway and your assistance will be much appreciated.

Parking will not be permitted on the highway within the operational worksita. but vehicle access tor residents and businesses with off-road parking wil be maintained where possible, although this may be subject to delays.

Access for emergency services and pedestrians will be maintained throughout the duration ot the works at all times.

Bus servlce - we have consulted with the bus transport companies. Customer notices wi be placed on affected bus stops, allhoughthaworkingtimesforthe
We thank you in advance lor your patience during these works and we appreciate that than wil inevitably cause disruption but every effort will be made to finish the wont as quickly as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will this scheme coet and who is paying for it?
The estimated cost of the scheme is £200k. funded through Central Govemment's capital programme of works

2. What work le involved in the scheme?
Works involve full carriageway width resurfacing. replacing all the existing road markings and renewing Iadjusting all the carriageway ironwork

3. Who will be undertaking the works?
We are contracting the work as a package to Tannac who are supply chain partners of all the West Yorkshire Local Authorities

4. When will the works start and how long will the work take?
The work will commence on Monday 26 October 2015 for a duration of 4 weeks

5. What time will you he working on elte?
Works will commence in the evening at 22:00hrs and will be finished by 04:00 hrs in the moming. Works will be ongoing between Monday and Friday inclusive

6.Will the works generate a lot of noise?
There will be some degree of noise as the work involves using heavy plant and
equipment. However because the work isn't oonfined to any one place the
noise levels will be distributed around the area of works in any one particular
night shift. Contractors now undertake the works using low sound emitting plant
and equipment.

7. What Impact will the work have on me and how will I benefit from you doing the work?
If you use the A646 during the evenings within the contract time period, as mentioned above, the works will have an impact on you by having to travel around the diversion route to gain access from one end of Hebden Bridge to the other. Pedestrian traflic will not be affected. The benefits of undertaking the work will be:

  • A 646 through Hebden Bridge a 620 metre length of road which has a
    serviceable life of 10 years
  • The road surface will be sealed from the ingress of water
  • The travelling public will enjoy a more comfortable joumey/ ride quality
  • The road surface will have a very good skid resistance value
  • The road will be safer by virtue of new and clearer read markings

8. Will you be closing any roads?
Yes but the works will be undertaken in phases to minimise traflic dismption

9. It the roads are to be closed what are the diversion routes?
Diversion routes will be signposted and will be long, via Todmorden, Littleborough, Blackstone Edge and Mytholmroyd

10 Will buses still run through Hebden Bridge?
No. As part of the consultation process we have spoken with the bus transport
companies and the timing of the works will coincide with their services

11. Will Emergency Services still have access through Hebden Bridge?
Yes. Works will cease whilst emergency service vehicles pass through the
working area

12. Do I have to close my business for any period of time?
No, but if you rely on passing trade your business will be affected during week
days. If you operate a take-away outlet you may need to organise part delivery
by foot (i.e. you will not be able to park immediately outside your shop if it is
situated within the operating worksite)

Will on-street car parking be affected?
There will be no parking of vehicles on the road ovemight during the works

Will you be finished by Christmas?

Added: Friday, 23 October 2015