Mayor's charity will be the St Augustine Centre in Halifax

The Mayor of Hebden Royd Town Council announced his charity for the year 2015/16 would be the St Augustine's Centre in Halifax at a meeting of the Town Council held on the 7th October at Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

Recently elected Cllr James Fearon said, "The world is becoming a smaller place with globalisation and the internet and we are bombarded by one tragedy after another. But the refugee crisis is going to be around for a while, unless we all act .

"Whatever your views on immigration - the refugee crisis in Syria shows one thing, the persecuted and dispossessed are usually the poor. We can see that in the mushrooming refugee camps. The people who are left behind are the people without the money to travel and get themselves out.

"History teaches us one thing, which is that people who adapt to their new country always add to their adopted country.  I am privileged to support the vital work of the workers and volunteers of St Augustine Centre in Halifax. They are beacons of hope for us all."  

Cllr Fearon followed this announcement with a generous donation of £1000 from his Mayor's Allowance to support the work underway to settle the many refugees that will pass through the St Augustine Centre's doors in the coming months. This adds to the funds raised by the previous Town Mayor, Cllr Jonathan Timbers who also supported the St Augustine's Centre in his year as Mayor.

Vicky Ledwidge, Project Leader at the St Augustine's Centre thanked the Town Council for continuing to support the centre. "The upper Calder Valley has always provided us with many supporters and helpers. We continue to be grateful and work hard to ensure all those in need are looked after. Thank you once again"


Added: Friday, 9 October 2015