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10-April Picture House
11-April Staffing
18-April Full Council
24-April   Allotments
25-April   Strategy & Review
30-April Picture House
9-May Annual Town Meeting
16-May Annual Meeting of the Town Council
23-May Reconvened Meeting of the Town Council
28-May Picture House


6-Jun Twinning (6.30pm)
Full Council
13-Jun Community Funding
20-Jun Strategy & Review
25-May Picture House
27-Jun Full Council
3-Jul Allotments
11-Jul Environmental Renaissance
18-Jul Full Council
23-May Picture House
25-Jul   Staffing
8-Aug Twinning (6.30pm)
Full Council
14-Aug Allotments
20-Aug Picture House
22-Aug Strategy & Review
29-Aug Full Council
5-Sep Environmental Renaissance
12-Sep Community Funding
17-May Picture House
19-Sep Full Council
25-Sep   Allotments
3-Oct Staffing
10-Oct Twinning (6.30pm)
Full Council
24-Oct Strategy & Review
29-Oct Picture House
31-Oct Full Council
6-Nov Allotments
14-Nov Environmental Renaissance
21-Nov Full Council
27-Nov   Staffing
3-Dec Picture House
5-Dec Community Funding
12-Dec Full Council
18-Dec Allotments
19-Dec Strategy & Review
2-Jan Strategy & Review
9-Jan Full Council (Budget Setting)
14-Jan Picture House
23-Jan Environmental Renaissance
30-Jan Twinning (6.30pm)
Full Council
5-Feb Allotments
6-Feb School Council (10.30am)
12-Feb   Staffing
18-Feb Picture House
20-Feb Full Council
27-Feb    Strategy & Review
6-Mar Community Funding
13-Mar Full Council
18-Mar Picture House
19-Mar Allotments (Tues 19th)
3-Apr Twinning (6.30pm)
Full Council
17-Apr Staffing
29-Apr Picture House (Mon 29th)
1-May Full Council
8-May Annual Town Meeting
22-May Annual Meeting of the Town Council
29-May Reconvened Meeting of the Town Council


All meetings 7.30pm Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated.

Dates are subject to change due to Town Hall works.

Full Council, Staffing & Twinning - Council Chamber.

Allotments, Community Fund, Env Res & Strategy & Review - Greenwood Room

2011-2012 meetings dates

Photos from Hebden Royd